Joe's Gizzard City in Potterville Michigan!

The Legend of Joe's Gizzard City!

Welcome to Gizzard City! Many of you have heard of this town icon in the city of Potterville. Joe's has been owned by our family since 1960. The ownership has passed down through the generations of the Bristol family. Yes, we are known for our world famous deep fried chicken gizzards which are made with our famous batter mix. We guarantee these to be the best gizzards you've ever tasted. We also have excellent chicken dinners, hot sandwiches, hand battered onion rings and one of the best burgers around.

We are proud to say Joe's is the place where you truly feel at home. We may even ask you to do some dishes or wait on tables if you are lucky!

WARNING...If you see the help arguing with one another just consider it part of the local entertainment at no additional charge!! There are some things that we all agree on and that's giving you the best food and drink served with a wee bit of sarcasm! We may crack a few jokes once in a while, but it's all in good fun. Just like grandpa used to say, "If the heavenly father can't make people get along all the time, I'll be damned if we can do it!"

But seriously, if there is something that makes your experience less than enjoyable, please let us know! We may or may not agree with you, but we will do whatever we can to make things right.

Thanks for coming in. We hope to see you back real soon!

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